Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Jon Mayhew

The visit from Jon Mayhew was a AMAZING experience he was soooooo funny, and hyper, which is quite unusual for an adult, and i think this is the real side of him. The way he described his mythical creatures made many people cling to their seats!?! He read us an extract of his book "Mortlock" (which i now have a copy of) this part was about a crow like bird pecking the guts from a circus magician ewwww!!

I think he was impressed with our questions but i think he was most impressed with the "clicker" (the clicky thing that changes the slides on the big whiteboard) and he couldn't help but play with the laser light built into it!

Thank-you i hope you get to meet him some day he will have you in stitches one minuet and have you wetting yourself with fear the next!?!

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