Monday, 31 March 2014

Lancashire Book of the Year

We are shadowing the Award with top set year 9 English group and I have never witnessed such a frenzie as when I gave out the shortlisted books to read. Usually there is some reluctance, but this time they raced to get a book. I must admit the list looks better than in previous years, so well done to the schools who came up with the shortlist. We will be reviewing the first tranche this week.
the shortlist ;-

The Drowning                              Rachel Ward
Ketchup Cloud                            Annabel Pitcher
Last chance Angel                       Alex Gutteridge
By any other name                       Laura Jarratt
Linked                                         Imogen Howson
Missing me                                  Sophie McKenzie
Hostage three                              Nick Lake
Cruel summer                              James Dawson
Undone                                       Cat Clarke
Anthem for Jackson Dawes         Celia Bryce

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